Armoloy TDC - Thin Dense Chromium

The most advanced coating in Oil and Gas

Armoloy TDC is a thin, low temperature, extremely hard and wear resistant pure chromium coating. The coating is applied electrochemically and provides an atomic bond to the substrate that is guaranteed not to peel or flake.

The coating can extend the life of components by many times their normal service life. Applied in thin, precise deposits, the Armoloy coating does not affect part tolerances or balance and does not require secondary machining associated with traditional hard chrome coating. The Armoloy coating provides the following benefits:

• Outstanding wear resistance
• High surface hardness 78Rc
• Greatly reduced friction / improved release characteristics
• Improved corrosion resistance
• Anti-galling characteristics
• Ability to run against itself
• Thin, uniform deposits with no need for secondary machining
• Ideal for bearing systems susceptible to rolling contact fatigue • Improved release characteristics (great for plastic mold injection)
• Withstands temperatures of -400°F to 1600°F (-240°C - 870°C)
• Parts can be stripped and recoated with no damage to the base metal

Common applications in Oil and Gas:

Packers, accessory tools, and liner hangers:

Perfect for corrosive environments, Armoloy TDC can provide a huge cost savings over exotic materials such as chrome or stainless steel.

Plunger lift:

Add additional life to high wear components. Armoloy TDC adds durability by increasing the abrasion resistance of plungers in a plunger lift system.


High pressure environment? Turbulent fluid movement? No problem for Armoloy TDC.


If you have ever gaulded threads you will appreciate the anti-gauling properties of Armoloy TDC.

Many other uses:

Seals, valves, rods, pistons, pumps, rotating elements, bushings, and sleeves.

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